ALIM School provides powerfully effective and ultra-simple methods that can relieve suffering on every level: physical, mental, and spiritual. 

The courses you have a chance to enroll to will allow you to achieve any physical goals, your goals in the world, your goals in relationships, and any spiritual goals.

What People Say...

"When I first came in touch with the ALIM Method taught in ALIM School , I had already done a number of other things. And somebody told me that this was far beyond anything that they had seen or tried. Well, I’ve been a student of Zen for many years, and Buddhism in general, so when I heard it was a method that releases you from your attachments, well, that’s all you need to go the whole route. You can release yourself from your attachments, then the end is certain. So as soon as I heard that I thought well, fantastic. You know the Buddha said the cause of all suffering is an attachment. So if there was a method that instantaneously releases you, that’s just what I wanted. So I went right for it and found it worked instantly"

- Dora Hurley